Roll Up Interior Doors

Roll up doors have a multitude of uses for both homes and businesses. Quite often, roll up doors are used as exterior doors. For example, you see this often with garages, storage units, and businesses such as garages or other places which require the convenience of a roll up door. However, roll up interior doors are available for the interior of your home or business as well.

Roll up interior doors often referred to as counter shutters. They are also called accordion doors, due to the way they fold up. They are often used in banks, retail stores, and hotels, providing security while also looking very attractive. Interior roll up doors for your home could be used to shut off a space when it's not being used, such as a wet bar. This section will give you many ideas regarding roll up interior doors.

Rollup Door Ideas And Articles

Roll up interior doors, often called accordion doors or counter shutters, are great space servers. Not only are they convenient, you can find them in very attractive designs and a variety of materials. There are many different roll up interior door ideas which you can consider for your home as well as your business.

When you are thinking about roll up interior door ideas, one of the reasons people love these doors is because they can add to a room's décor while being highly functional. If you are going to purchase these for your home, you may want to consider investing in very high quality roll up doors made from beautiful hardwoods such as oak, mahogany or cherry.

If you have a space in your home, such as a wet bar or other space which you use only occasionally, consider the many roll up interior door ideas which would perfectly fit that space. Then choose wood which compliments the rest of the room.

  • January 02, 2010

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  • January 01, 2010

    Roll up doors have long been the work horses of commercial and retail locations, but rollup doors have also been sneaking into residences as well. Surely not the heavy duty industrial style rollup doors that we're used to seeing in storage facilities, but cus... More >>

  • December 31, 2009

    Rollup interior doors are the staple of the storage industry, not to mention additional commercial and industrial uses. Commercial rollup doors maximize openings and are necessary for large, tall openings. But in some locations they are an absolute necessity... More >>

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