Pocket Doors: Everything Old is New Again

December 28, 2009

One of the best features in a Victorian home is normally the pocket interior doors that can be found in parlors and dining rooms. Pocket doors slip right into the wall and slide on a track to make these solid wood masterpieces glide effortlessly. Well, what comes around goes around, and pocket doors are making a big impact in modern homes.

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The pocket interior door is known not only for elegance and tradition, but they are space savers as well. No floor space is taken as is the case with hinged doors that require clearance due to the swing. In fact, using a pocket door in place of a hinged door can save up to 15 feet in floor space in the room.

Pocket doors are also the stylish solution of choice for larger openings. Typical choices for large openings have been bi fold or multi fold sliding doors, not the most attractive option for rooms with higher visibility than the closet!

With the large surface expanse that is visible on the door panels when pocket doors are closed - details are important. Consider raised panels, architectural elements and ornamentation to upgrade the look of a pocket door. Take time to view the original pocket doors that inspired their modern counterparts. Typical Victorian pocket doors were normally solid wood with several raised panels to add decorative detail. Hardwood was typically used and the door stained to make the most of the wood grain.

Today's pocket doors take note - hardwood pocket doors with raised panels have only become more cherished over the last one hundred years. This look definitely shows some staying power!

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