The Pros of Pocket Doors for Your Home

January 10, 2010

Pocket doors are specially made sliding doors that slide along the length of the door frame but then disappear into a compartment in the wall beside. Traditionally, these doors have been used for architectural and economic purposes; namely, if there is not room for an ordinary swinging door.

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The usual way of constructing a pocket door is to make the door travel on rollers that are suspended from a track overhead and under the frame. (Some doors however may be made using tracks on the floor) There are both single and double versions of this sliding door mechanism, depending on how much room is available.

The Advantages of Pocket Doors

Pocket doors do have a few strong advantages over traditional doors.

  • They add an average of ten square feet to a room
  • They are more accommodating for disabled or older individuals
  • They have quieter opening and closing
  • They have a certain aesthetic sophistication to a modern home
  • They allow you greater access through doorways, which helps in moving furniture

Why has the pocket door (which has actually been in existence for centuries) suddenly become popular again? Maybe because many homeowners are anxious to save space. The shrewd use of limited space can be very important in a day and age where many individuals are attempting to simplify their lifestyle.

Remember that a hinged door can take up at least 10 square feet of floor space. When you eliminate that swinging door you get extra room for furniture. Any type of door can be made into a pocket door, whether raised, flat-panel style, v-grooves or even French doors. You can also install your choice of security device into the door.

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