Pocket Doors

Unless you are a home builder, you may not be familiar with a particular type of door called "pocket doors". This is a unique type of sliding door which essentially slides and disappears into a "pocket" or compartment in the wall next to it. Unlike a typical swinging type of door, pocket doors don't require any additional space in order to open them.

An interior pocket door is perfect for a room in your home in which space is very limited. Usually they have some sort of rollers which slide on a track. These tracks may be overhead, but some are designed to be on the floor.

Pocket doors come as both single doors as well as double doors. If you have a wide entry for an interior pocket door, then you may want to consider selecting a double pocket door. Browse through this section for some helpful ideas regarding this type of door.

Pocket Door Ideas And Articles

If you are redesigning your home and have rooms with very limited space, or you are a building a home in which you want to save some additional square footage, a pocket door is a great way to go. These doors were very popular many years ago in the old Victorian homes. They have recently started gaining popularity because of their significant space-saving benefits. Unlike their ancestors, contemporary pocket doors slide much more smoothly and quietly. They can be very attractive as well, so pocket door ideas and styles are numerous.

If you aren't sure some of the best rooms for which to use pocket doors, consider these pocket door ideas. Bathrooms and closets are perfect for pocket doors. They also work really well in laundry rooms and pantries. If you have a small office or den in your home, this is another good place for a pocket door.

  • January 10, 2010

    Pocket doors are specially made sliding doors that slide along the length of the door frame but then disappear into a compartment in the wall beside. Traditionally, these doors have been used for architectural and economic purposes; namely, if there is not ro... More >>

  • December 30, 2009

    Pocket doors have been a traditional favorite in older and period homes. They were quite popular in the late 19th Century for the more formal rooms such as the parlor, study or dining room. Pocket interior doors offered an elegant look of traditional with th... More >>

  • December 29, 2009

    Pocket interior doors were heavily used in the more formal rooms in the Victorian home. The pocket door literally slides on an overhead track and slips into an opening in the wall to disappear fully when opened completely. Cut to the 21st Century where homeow... More >>

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