Putting Patio Doors in a New Light

December 26, 2009

There's a new kid in town, and that's the distinctive patio door that's ready to take on any decorating challenge. The patio door has typically been designated as the standard sliding glass door, but when you hear about some of the new upgrades in glass that are being offered in patio doors, we think you'll see things in a different light.

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Leaded Glass Patio Doors

Leaded glass has typically been reserved for glass inserts in entry doors, but with outdoor living areas becoming popular in today's homes, that patio door takes on a new visibility in the home. When standard glass just doesn't make the grade, consider leaded glass panes in patio doors. Not only is leaded glass thicker and sturdier than standard glass, it typically uses caming, or decorative metal strips, to hold the pieces of glass in place. It adds another design dimension to the mix in patio doors.

Beveled Glass Patio Doors

Beveled glass is glass that has been angled at the edge. It's typically a higher quality than standard glass as there's much more workmanship involved. When the sunlight hits the beveled glass edges, it takes on a fantastic brilliant quality. Beveled glass patio doors are high end look that makes the most of natural lighting.

Textured Glass Patio Doors

To add privacy to patio doors that have full glass panels, consider adding textured glass elements. Textured glass offers distortion to give an element of privacy to the room without compromising natural lighting. There are over 40 new styles of glass patterns that have been introduced over the past few years to add exciting options in privacy to glass.

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