Choosing a New Patio Door

July 02, 2010

Do you have a patio door that shows its age, or looks older than it is? Replacing your old patio door can add to your home's appeal while reducing maintenance and care. Older aluminum framed patio doors can become bent and damaged over the years. They may not open smoothly if the tracks are bent (which presents a problem when carrying that huge platter of burgers out to the grill).

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When planning home improvement projects such as installing new windows, don't forget about your patio door. You can find doors made in a variety of materials including metal, wood, fiberglass and vinyl. Patio doors are available in traditional slider styles, but you may want to consider installing French doors or other folding styles.

Patio Door Plays Role in Improving Energy Efficiency

Your patio door represents a huge expanse of glass, and if it's not airtight, you'll be paying higher heating and cooling costs. You can install an energy efficient patio door that's consistent with your new windows. Patio door styles include multiple glass layers, mullions, and styles to suit most decor.

Shopping online and through window dealers can help you find and compare different styles and price ranges for replacing your patio door. Make a list of your priorities and questions; this will help you focus on appropriate options when visiting window and door dealers.

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