Interior Patio Doors with Economy and Style

December 27, 2009

Can patio doors be affordable and stylish? Time was when there were just two choices in patio doors - an expensive pair of French patio doors vs. an economical sliding glass door, and there was a huge price difference. But luckily, times have changed, and door manufacturers are offering upgraded style coupled with affordability in patio doors.

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Individual panes of glass are an upgrade that can add to cost in patio doors, they're termed lites in the door and window business. The most inexpensive option is a single sheet of glass. Grilles can be added over glass to add the look of paned glass without the cost. The grilles come in a multitude of materials and styles to complement the door.

Grilles are also offered that are placed between the glass in patio glass doors. This gives you the chance to enjoy the look of divided lites without the upkeep, since they're not exposed to any elements. The grilles are situated between two panes of insulated glass and are matched to the material and color of the door frame. It's an affordable, low maintenance option in patio doors.

Low E glass helps keep energy in and harsh temperatures out in patio doors, which results in cost savings. It has the added benefit of filtering out harmful ultra violet sunlight that can fade furnishings. While tinting had been used in patio doors to address the sun fade issue, low E glass allows greater visibility and more natural lighting than tinting options.

For homeowners looking to skimp on cost but not on style, there are a variety of option in patio doors that are available to slip seamlessly into the home.

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