The New Face of the Patio Door

December 23, 2009

Patio doors have taken on new upgrades to eliminate some of the elements that have been drawbacks to older patio doors. As sliding glass patio doors took front and center stage, everyone loved the convenience and light they offered, as well as their space saving capabilities.

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But there were some upgrades that were needed to modernize these old favorites, and door manufacturers stepped up to the plate to make big improvements to sliding glass patio doors.


The standard sliding glass interior door only offered a single point locking mechanism. In some cases, the patio door could be opened with a coat hanger! Multi point locking systems are now offered on most patio sliding doors, with a standard mechanism near the handle, an upper interior locking mechanism along with a door stop behind the sliding glass piece.

Sun Fade

One drawback of letting the sun shine in was the sun fade that it caused. Ultra violet rays from direct sunlight caused faded areas to rugs, furnishings and fabric. Patio interior doors now come with low E coating on the glass that not only adds an element of insulation, but it filters out nearly 95% of the harmful UV rays.

Energy Efficiency

With large expanses of glass came a cool breeze and temperature transfer. New technology has created better seals between the glass and the door frame and new insulating materials for glass has made sliding glass doors much more energy efficient than their outdated counterparts.

Upgrading your sliding glass patio door may end up paying for itself in energy cost savings, not to mention the peace of mind with the added security.

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