New Styles for Interior Pantry Doors

January 05, 2010

The typical pantry door in today's modern homes serves to portion off a closet sized space where dry food staples and canned goods, even dishes are stored. It's like a little bonus closet to the kitchen. But the pantry has been shrunk to a miniature size of its original version.

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The word pantry actually is derived from the Latin word panis, which means bread. In the 17th Century manor homes and castles, each function of the kitchen had a small separate room. The pantry was actually the room for preparing and serving bread, while other rooms had specific functions for other food and drink specifics, such as a larder for meats. There was even a pantry just for dishes that was usually found between the kitchen and dining room.

Of course, back in the day, there was household help to attend to each of these separate functions. As homes shrank and became more self sufficient, so did the pantries, as they eventually evolved into the single small 'rooms' we find today.

Keeping this in mind gives you decorative ideas for pantry doors, as their rich history evokes an old-time homey feel in the kitchen. Pantry doors typically take on traditional style in homes, and many homes take this one step further by choosing a vintage styled pantry door. Etched glass panels with old style decorations are a popular choice in pantry doors, while more contemporary kitchens looks for sleek, modern appeal in pantry doors.

Pantries have come quite a way from their heyday, and while they may now be only the size of a closet in some homes, a decorative pantry door can be a reminder of their rich history.

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