Putting Pantry Doors to Work

January 06, 2010

Pantry doors can be just a pretty face in the crowd, or they can take a step up and provide additional function as well as a design upgrade. A pantry interior door is literally a blank canvas. The exterior of the pantry door should be used to add a decorative element to the room, while the interior should be put right to work with the rest of the pantry.

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Pantry doors can be upgraded with hooks and smaller specialized storage capabilities. Chalkboard inserts for pantry doors can even make the grocery list oh-so convenient and magnetic panel inserts can hold memos and photographs.

While we've seen some optional shelving units that attach to the doors themselves, they tend to make the door too heavy and sometimes downright dangerous. Use the back of the pantry door for lighter items, such as linens, aprons or even a convenient plastic bag holder.

The most original use of the pantry door that we've seen deserves an award for creativity. It was a one stop organizational center for the kitchen with pegboard that held every kitchen utensil usually found tangled in a drawer up and visible with a small hook. Around each gadget, there was a tracing of the item along with a label to keep each and every space hogging kitchen utensil that's not put to good use every day in a specific location. It was decorated and looked so nice. It was attached to the back of a raised panel pantry door that really made the most of both sides of the door within the kitchen.

Don't let your pantry door be just a pretty face, use the back of the door to add storage, add function and better yet, add convenience.

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