Pantry Doors That Make You (and your Kitchen) Proud

January 04, 2010

Pantry interior doors aren't just for keeping canned goods out of sight, they can become part of the kitchen's décor as well. Pantry doors are being upgraded in many homes to include style as well as function with fun options.

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Chalkboard Inserts for Pantry Doors

Chalkboard paint has been popular in kid's rooms and for pantry doors, and door manufacturers have taken this trend one step further. Inserts in the form of interchangeable panels are offered as an upgrade to pantry doors that allow notes, memos and grocery lists to be made. The panel can go either way, on the exterior or interior of the door to make the most of the surface.

Etched Glass for Pantry Doors

To make the kitchen look larger, glass panels have become popular for pantry doors. Etched glass in particular is an upgrade well worth the investment. Full length glass panels with themed decoration and words etched into the glass have become favorites for homeowners looking for an extra touch in the kitchen.

Custom etchings can either personalize the glass or become an extension of the kitchen's design motif. There are even kits available to create customized etched glass panels for pantries.

Louvered Panels for Pantry Doors

Louvers allow the openings in pantry doors that are needed to help circulate air in the pantry. This helps keep moisture and smells from taking over the pantry and prevents heat buildup, as well as discouraging bugs that like the dark space.

Pantry doors don't need to fade into the woodwork. Decorative pantry doors take your kitchen and home's style to the next level to become an added bonus to their functionality.

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