Upgrade to a Raised Panel Interior Door

January 01, 2010

There are two types of interior doors found in homes - one is the standard smooth panel hollow core door that's oh-so forgettable, the other the classic raised paneled interior door. While the smooth move door barely makes a ripple in your mind, an interior door with raised panels offers an affordable upgraded style in interior doors.

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The door panel is often considered the 'face' of the interior door, but interior door panels are also considered different portions found within the raised edges of the face of the door. The panels create a framework effect on interior doors that add detail and interest without an accompanying large price tag.

Another advantage of a raised panel interior door is that the construction of the door allows glass inserts to be used in place of solid wood panels. The glass inserts slip seamlessly into the paneled door to take style one step further.

The raised paneled interior door not only looks better than its flat faced counterpart, but the construction offers more design capabilities. Wood raised panel doors tend to be made up of three parts - stiles, rails and the panels themselves. The stiles run up and down the side of the door while the rails run horizontally. In the raised panel door, the stiles and rails offer stability and framework that increase the panel options without compromising the structural integrity of the door.

Raised panel doors have long been a hallmark of fine furnishings and cabinetry, but with new technology and manufacturing methods, raised panel doors are now an affordable option in interior doors.

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