Why Raised Panel Interior Doors Save Money

January 02, 2010

Raised panel interior doors are an upgraded look to the standard flat faced door - you know the one, the hollow core $29.95 special with the brass coated round knob? If you haven't seen one lately it's because they tend to be fairly forgettable.

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The raised panel interior door offers not only a stylish, affordable door option, but a better constructed door. The panels are normally the middle portion that is held within the stiles and rails of the door. The stiles are the up and down sides of the door, while the rails run horizontally in the door. Having the pieces of the door made in this manner allows wood doors to contract and expand with temperature and humidity changes, which keeps the door from warping.

In fact, many of the modern raised panel doors are based on the styles of doors found over one hundred years ago such as the six panel Victorian door or the classic eight panel Colonial styled door. This is a tried and true method of quality door construction, as evidenced by the staying power of raised panel doors.

Since the raised panel door is more durable and less prone to warping than the flat surfaced, builder's grade door, it's going to last longer and add value to the interior of the home. It's an investment well worth making if you're looking to upgrade your interior.

Raised panel interior doors offer a worthy upgrade option to homeowners cursed with builder's grade interior doors. The cost increase is minimal compared to the added value and aesthetics of raised panel doors.

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