Looks Can be Deceiving with Panel Interior Doors

January 03, 2010

When is a raised panel interior door not a raised panel door? When it's an engineered door made to fool even the savviest homeowner. Raised panel doors were popular in the 19th Century when doors were made of solid wood. That solid wood door could easily warp and be damaged in the process. The raised panel door allowed the door to be constructed of three or more separate portions that allowed the wood to contract and expand naturally, so the warping problem was solved.

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Fast forward to the 21st Century in which additional materials that are lightweight, cost effective and energy efficient are making an appearance in interior doors. The raised panel door has shown such a staying power in style that it continues to appear in these materials that don't need it to avoid warp and moisture issues.

Engineered wood interior doors are a practical and economical choice for interior doors. Engineered wood is an environmentally friendly fiberboard that's actually made primarily of leftovers. The leftovers are the wood chips and fibers that are byproducts of the wood industry, they are compressed with heat and mixed with an eco-friendly resin that forms engineered wood. It results in a hard, dense product that unlike wood, doesn't warp or crack.

The engineered wood door allows the product to either be molded into the traditional design or assembled in the traditional Old World methods using stiles, rails and panels. It's difficult to tell the difference of the real deal from its engineered counterpart, particularly when painted.

Using an engineered wood raised paneled door offers an affordable alternative to a style that has shown over one hundred years of staying power. Consider an upgrade to an affordable raised panel door to add an upgrade to your home's décor.

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