Interior Panel Doors

Interior panel doors come in many styles, and can be a very attractive door design for almost any home. There are panel doors to suit any home décor. Typically, panel interior doors come with 2 panels, 4 panels, 5 panels or 6 panels. 6 panel interior doors are a popular favorite, as they have the most panels and provide a very interesting look, especially when compared to a plain solid door.

Many interior panel doors have panels which are molded, or rounded. These are very attractive doors, and the rounded edges of the panels give them a softer look than panel doors with hard edges. Panel doors often come in classic styles, but you can also get them with an arched design. The arched door is an easy way to give a room a slightly more sophisticated look.

Whether you choose 2, 4, 5 or 6 panel interior doors for your home, this section will provide many helpful suggestions with regards to interior panel doors.

Panel Door Ideas And Articles

If you are considering replacing the doors in your home, you may want to consider interior panel doors. Interior panel door ideas are plentiful, so you shouldn't have any problem coming up with the perfect style and material to add that special touch to any room.

There are two primary styles of panel doors: these are flat panel doors and raised panel doors. Both can be very attractive, and which way to go really depends on your personal taste and preference. The face or surface of a flat panel door is flat. This gives it a sleek, simple look.

If you want something with a bit more design to it when considering various interior panel door ideas, you might go with raised panel doors. The contoured edges of the panels create interesting dimensions in the appearance of the door, giving it a more decorative look. With the right finish, either type can look very beautiful in your home.

  • January 03, 2010

    When is a raised panel interior door not a raised panel door? When it's an engineered door made to fool even the savviest homeowner. Raised panel doors were popular in the 19th Century when doors were made of solid wood. That solid wood door could easily ... More >>

  • January 02, 2010

    Raised panel interior doors are an upgraded look to the standard flat faced door - you know the one, the hollow core $29.95 special with the brass coated round knob? If you haven't seen one lately it's because they tend to be fairly forgettable. The raised ... More >>

  • January 01, 2010

    There are two types of interior doors found in homes - one is the standard smooth panel hollow core door that's oh-so forgettable, the other the classic raised paneled interior door. While the smooth move door barely makes a ripple in your mind, an interior d... More >>

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