Stately Mahogany Interior Doors for your Home

December 29, 2009

Looking for an interior door that offers a grand statement for a special room in the home? Mahogany interior doors have just the look you need to announce formality and elegance. Mahogany doors are particularly popular for the more 'public' rooms of the home, such as living rooms and dining rooms. These rooms can often be closed off when not in use, so a quality interior door is necessary to let you know it's not JUST another room behind door number two!

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Mahogany interior doors are not just style statements, they're nearly a necessity in hot and humid climates. Mahogany is a tropical hardwood. It's grown in warm, moist environments which makes it more suitable for use in these locations as well. Due to its strength and tight, smooth grain, mahogany interior doors won't warp and become moisture damaged as their inferior counterparts may.

Now, the look doesn't have to be only high style formality in mahogany interior doors. They can take on casual elegance just as well. In fact, mahogany doors are popular in casual coastal and beach living areas of the south. Mahogany doors tend to be considered more formal as mahogany is the wood of choice in many antique furniture pieces. This is due to the outstanding features of the wood. The dark color tends to make that association for us. But the dark color is either the patina or the dark stain that was used. Natural mahogany is actually a pleasant, almost pinkish, color. Letting the natural look of mahogany doors shine through with less opaque stains can lead to a more casual look.

For elegance and classic style, not to mention hardworking coastal casual style, consider a mahogany interior door to make the most of this fine hardwood species.

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