High Style for Mahogany Interior Doors

December 30, 2009

For a door of distinction, consider a mahogany wood interior door. Mahogany is the perfect backdrop for high styled carvings, intricate details and architectural elements that distinctive doorways need to make style statements. Why? Mahogany is extremely dense and close grained. That's why it tends to be heavier than a softer wood such as pine. This dense, close graining makes it much more suitable for the intricate details that high style demands.

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Carved mahogany interior doors are the most popular style for this workhorse of a wood. But the handsome graining effects of mahogany make it just as suitable for more subtle style enhancements such as beaded edges and raised panels that offer a more understated elegance.

For those finding mahogany doors to be closing off natural lighting sources from exterior rooms, consider glass panel mahogany doors for getting the best of both worlds. The glass inserts can take up any surface area to customize the look to your specific need. For privacy concerns, etched, frosted and whole host of new privacy options can be used for the glass panels. One of the most favored looks of the interior design trade - mahogany French doors with a rich natural stain for an undertstated, elegant style statement that's particularly nice in kitchens and sunrooms.

Make sure to only invest in a mahogany interior door from a reputable manufacturer. Doors of inferior wood can be stained to mimic mahogany that can fool even the most experienced. Ask questions before you buy - reputable dealers will always be happy to provide you as much information as you need to make a sound purchasing decision.

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