Distinctive Mahogany Interior Doors

December 31, 2009

Have you ever noticed an antique mahogany bureau that has such a precise combination of color within the wood that it stopped you in your tracks? Or perhaps that wood was in a bookcase or an armoire. Can you believe that you can find a mahogany interior door made with this superior wood detail as well!

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These grains are often called flame mahogany or crotch mahogany. They are found in mahogany that is cut at the crotch of the tree where a limb protrudes from the trunk, producing a flame-like figuring in the wood. Obviously this makes up a small portion of the Mahogany tree, so flame mahogany is fairly rare and is an expensive upgrade to mahogany interior doors.

But to many, the look is well worth the additional expense. What's done in many cases is to offer the door with a flame mahogany veneer. The veneer is a thinner layer of wood over a more inferior wood to produce the look at a lesser cost. This was a technique that was often used in antique furniture that was using a rare species of wood.

Another distinctive mahogany interior door is one of Honduran mahogany. Honduran mahogany is prized for its fine textured, straight grain. It's considered one of the best woods for machining and cutting and offers crisp details and edging while taking stain quite nicely. Honduran mahogany doors offer exceptional quality and are more affordable than other distinctive mahogany upgrades such as the flame mahogany detailed above.

If you're considering investing in a distinctive mahogany wood interior door, make sure you deal with a reputable company. Confirm the species of wood that you are purchasing, as there are look-alikes that can fool even experienced woodworkers. Working with a reputable door manufacturer is your best bet.

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