The Open Glass Door Policy of Commercial Settings

December 27, 2009

Commercial glass interior doors are just the ticket for a business touting an 'open door policy'. Many office settings are plagued with harsh artificial lighting, chopped up spaces and the hidden office syndrome - can we see what's behind door number one? Glass interior doors can solve each and every one of these issues in a commercial setting.

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Glass doors allow those coveted windowed offices to shed some natural lighting to the interior portions of offices. It's a term called borrowed lighting in the design and architectural trade. Not only does it soften the harsh effects of artificial lighting, but it can even reduce the need for daytime lighting, thus reducing energy costs.

In office environments that tout accessibility and team relationships, glass interior doors are the tool for not only talking the talk, but walking the walk in an 'open door' policy! The glass doors make everyone seem more open to interaction and it leads to better interoffice communication. Commercial glass doors also bring safety to the table where there is high foot traffic. The glass allows visibility from both sides obviously, making a bump to an unsuspecting passerby much less likely.

While certainly many commercial glass interior doors are metal frames and glass, there are many options available with wood frames and decorative glass panels. These have become the door of choice in service commercial settings where the door needs to provide a more welcoming appearance for customers, clients and patients.

Interior glass doors can provide a host of style and design solutions for commercial settings. Not only are they appreciated for their sleek looks, but the natural lighting they allow make them oh-so preferable to standard solid slab doors.

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