Invisible Interior Glass Doors

December 26, 2009

Glass interior doors have long been the staples of the commercial interior markets. Interior glass doors have also been making an appearance in homes as people realize the benefits they offer, not only to function, but to style. While French doors with several glass inserts have been popular for well over one hundred years, full length glass is becoming the popular style for glass doors throughout the home.

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Frameless glass or very low profile framed glass interior doors make the very most of natural lighting and valuable views. Custom glass interior door systems can be found for one stop shopping conveniences. These customized glass door systems offer a transformation of interior spaces and are particular popular in loft styled larger spaces. For privacy, the glass interior doors are offered in laminated, colored, resin and patterned, as well as the more popular frosted or acid etched styles. The degree of translucency will obviously determine the degree of privacy that each glass system offers.

The various framing systems for glass interior doors actually play a large part in the style of these trendy doors systems, as sleek stainless steel hardware adds to the modern appeal of the doors. With the weight of the glass, obviously the framing systems are going to be an important aspect of the system, as rollers and track systems are going to be used for opening and closing.

Interior glass doors are becoming a design staple in larger loft spaces, they not only make the most of natural light throughout, but they actually make up part of the rooms themselves. But don't expect these modern masterpieces of glass and metal to slip unobtrusively into the design. These are bold style statements and they demand attention.

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