Glass Doors: Exciting Alternatives to Standard Doors

December 28, 2009

Decorative glass interior doors are offering some snazzy alternatives in the interior door trade. Standard glass doors have been the door of choice in loft living and urban dwellings. They're sleek, modern and major design statements.

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But decorative glass doors are making an appearance in more traditional décor as well. Why? There's a host of new technology that's offering more options in privacy glass for doors. Slick new finishes such as glue chip, reeding, waterfall looks and rain shower effects bring privacy into the mix while letting the natural lighting shine through.

Glass interior doors are becoming trendy alternatives to plain-Jane wood hollow core doors. They're particularly popular as pantry doors, pocket doors or even room dividers. As their popularity increases, we love the new custom looks that are now becoming standard fare in glass doors.

For older homes that may be a little squeamish in offering modern glass doors, consider an interior door that features stained glass panels, leaded glass or beveled glass inserts. Craftsman and Victorian styled homes in particular are perfect backdrops for these interior doors. The beveled glass is preferable where maximum natural lighting is needed, as they're not only clear, but the angled edges catch the light and seem to magnify the brilliance.

If the safety of an interior glass door concerns you because of youngsters in the house, look for tempered glass that is not only stronger, but if broken, tends to not be as dangerous as the pieces are smaller and not as sharp. Caming, which are decorative metal assemblies in glass doors, can also be used, and looks particularly nice with leaded glass. It can offer a little more safety than a solid glass panel.

Take a new look at glass interior doors, there are plenty of new offerings that may have the solution to many design dilemmas.

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