Pre-Hung Interior Doors Explained

January 06, 2010

General interior doors are usually just a quick upgrade done by unscrewing hinges and installing the new door. But there are times when a pre-hung interior door system will be your best choice for an upgrade.

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Pre-hung interior doors are a self contained door system in which the doors are already installed to the door frame. They can be a good choice in new construction, as the system can be slipped into the rough opening without having to separately install the frame, the door and often the trim. The rough opening does not need to accommodate the frame to the exact measurement, as thin wooden wedges called shims can be inserted between the frame and the vertical sides (called studs) of the rough opening. This is done to fill gaps and insure that the frame's sides are straight. The trim usually covers any gap between the wall and the door frame.

Since a pre-hung interior door system consists of more than just the door, they're normally more expensive than purchasing a standard door, which is called a slab in the door industry. But there are times when it makes more sense to use a pre-hung interior door over a slab door:

  • If the existing door frame is warped or damaged, a pre-hung door is preferable to eliminate the damaged frame;
  • If there's no existing door frame, a pre-hung interior door ensures a tight fit between the frame and the door;
  • Unusually styled or custom doors can require custom door frames.

    While a pre-hung interior door system may seem more expensive at first glance, other factors come into play that make the investment a better alternative to the typical slab interior door.

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