FAQ's for Interior Doors

January 05, 2010

General interior doors should not only be passageways through the home, but they should be expressions of style to complement your home's interior and exterior style. Many of the questions we receive on general interior doors are addressed below for your convenience.

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How big is a standard interior door?

Most modern interior doorways measure 30 inches in width and 80 inches in height. Many builders are beginning to use wider doorways to account for disabled homeowners and they may use a 36 inch opening to accommodate wheelchairs. It's best to measure each doorway of your home.

What if my doorway is a different size?

Doors can be custom ordered to fit various openings. While custom interior doors sound expensive, special sizing requirements don't necessarily mean a large cost increase.

Can I cut a standard interior door to fit my doorway?

Yes, in many cases doors can be trimmed at the bottom no more than one inch, from the top no more than 1-1/4 inches and up to ½ inch on the side. It's best to ask the door manufacturer regarding specific doors, as construction varies and the cut allowance may as well.

What's the difference between a hollow core and a solid core interior door?

Hollow core interior doors are just that, hollow inside. This means they are more lightweight and cost less. A solid core interior door is not a solid piece of wood, but contains a wood fiber interior. They do cost a bit more, but offer a more stable and substantial interior door. The safety difference may be important to some homeowners, as solid core interior doors are a little more fire safe than a hollow core interior door, basically because it would take longer to burn through.

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