Pre-hung Interior Doors

When purchasing residential interior doors, you may want to go with pre-hung interior doors for your home. This type of door is basically a door which comes with its frame attached and the door hanging within it. In addition to the frame and the door, these interior doors include the hinges.

Typically there are two types of pre-hung interior doors from which to choose: doors made from solid wood, or doors which are hollow. The hollow doors, of course, are much less expensive. Some come with one side already trimmed.

Pre-hung interior doors are available in many different designs and styles, so you will have plenty of options for your residential interior doors. You might want to purchase this door if you don

General Door Ideas And Articles

Doors come in so many styles, to name just a few: closet, French, panel, patio, sliding, antique, pocket, rustic, accordion, bi-fold, pantry, and contemporary.

Each has its own function. One of the advantages when considering general door ideas is that you can mix and match the styles in endless ways. French doors are a light form of a double entry door with glass inserts. They can be used as a classier type of patio door. The patio door is really an external sliding glass door.

Balancing the form of the door with its purpose is determined by the choice of door style, design and finish. Some of the contemporary doors utilize very unique and unusual materials. These materials have an effect on the appeal and ambience of the house. When it comes to general door ideas, consider trying an old style in a new way.

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