The Grand Opening of French Doors

January 04, 2010

The first time I ever saw, or at least remember seeing, a French interior door, it was during the Christmas tour of a Victorian home in Maryland. I think what I was drawn to was the Christmas tree shining through the lites of that French door. It created the perfect backdrop, and I always knew that I wanted doors like that when I had my own home.

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Well, now I have my own home, a Victorian in fact, and I finally have that pair of interior French doors that were part of my dream home. But what I was so thrilled about was the fact that this elegant upgrade was so affordable!

Those interior French doors work wonders for making the most of natural lighting. What was once a dark and dreary interior hall is now filled with light from the parlor. In fact, that hall once required the lights to be turned on to be able find your way through it! With the French doors, not only do we have the look and the light, but some energy savings as well.

Those interior French doors from the latest interior design magazine can slip right into your home as well. While the upgraded, fancy French doors can run into the thousands of dollars, a basic pair can be an affordable investment in your home.

You can always tell when an investment in home improvement is money well spent by looking at real estate ads. Details that are mentioned in the listings, such as French doors, walk in closets, hardwood floors and tiled kitchen floors are always going to be money well spent.

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