French Interior Doors - Ooh La La, what style!

January 03, 2010

French interior doors are found in nearly every distinctive home featured in home and interior design magazines. But does that mean that French doors are only for a high end luxury home? Absolutely not, mon ami. There are plenty of inexpensive French doors that can slip into the décor and budgets of most homeowners.

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But for those looking for elegant style statements, upgraded French doors offer distinction with options such as:

  • Arched tops - the arched topped French door can turn this double doorway into a focal point in the home;
  • Low E Glass - Sunlight can cause sun fade to valuable furnishings and fabrics, consider glass with a low E coating, which is a microscopically thin coating applied to one side of the glass. Not only does it increase energy efficiency, but it eliminates nearly 95% of harmful ultraviolet light that causes damage;
  • Multi-panel configurations that allow various opening options;
  • Insulating glass glazing options for French doors leading from unheated rooms;
  • Glass panes in a variety of colors and texture patterns for a translucent to semi-opaque effect for various privacy needs.

Tempered glass for safety, which not only makes the glass stronger, but in case of breakage, the glass breaks into small pebble type pieces without sharp edges. Not a bad idea for homes with small children.

Frame materials in everything from traditional wood to lightweight fiberglass.

While the upgrades in French doors can upgrade the price tag as well, the doors add value to the home, and it makes a worthy investment in home improvement.

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