Interior French Doors

Interior French doors can make a decorative barrier between two rooms of a house. A set of French doors between the living area and the dining room of the house can make a beautiful and elegant statement. They are also very sophisticated.

Interior French doors can be installed any place where there is a wide opening between two rooms. These don't need to be conventional doors; they can be sliding double glass French doors which will use less space while creating the elegant look you desire. Also, keep in mind with French doors that the glass panels don't have to be clear glass. Decorative glass or even stained glass can be used. Decorative handles and hinges can also be used to complete the look.

While you don't probably want interior French doors in every room, one or two carefully placed sets will definitely add a touch of class to your home. Look further in this section for more helpful suggestions.

French Door Ideas And Articles

Because French doors have glass panels, there are many ideas for their use. Interior French doors can be placed in a wide doorway between two rooms to create the illusion of extra space while allowing additional light.

Other interior French door ideas are to replace some of the clear glass panels with wood to match other wood decor in your home. You could leave the glass panes in the top half of the doors and add wood panels placed in the lower half. The doors could also have alternate panels of clear glass and decorative glass for a unique look.

With French doors, there doesn't need to be multiple panels of glass; rather one large pane of glass can be enclosed in the wood frame of the door. This glass could be clear or could have a unique texture or design on it. Use your imagination and you will realize there are many interior French door ideas which can be incorporated into your home.

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