The New Style of Folding Doors

January 01, 2010

What do you think of when you say folding interior door? Like most people, you probably envision the paint-grade folding doors of a closet. But there are new styles to this old space saving favorite and they are the big buzz of the design world.

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Glass Folding Interior Doors

For rooms that require doors for a large expanse, glass folding doors are being introduced. They're perfect for sealing off that three season sunroom without losing the view. While you may shudder at the thought of the energy bills these folding interior doors would cause - new technological advances have made these an energy efficient option.

Hardwood Folding Interior Doors

While many paint grade folding doors offer an economical alternative, hardwood folding doors make a style statement in any room. Consider hardwood such as cedar for closets or mahogany in more heavily used rooms to take their functionality to a new style level and slip seamlessly into more distinctive rooms.

Louvered Folding Interior Doors

Louvers offer air circulation and are just the ticket when the folding door is used for closets and even electronics. The louvers also add interest to the door and make the folding door much more stylish.

Accordion Style Folding Interior Doors

For more flexibility, literally and figuratively, the accordion folding door can be used to accommodate an odd shaped passageway or even create a room of its own. Consider accordion folding doors to divide a room, free up floor space or even to help reduce noise in large areas.

Folding interior doors can be just the solution to your design dilemma and with new offerings in folding interior doors, they can take on style as well.

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