Folding Doors are the Non-Swingers of the Door Trade

December 31, 2009

Folding interior doors are the space savers of the door industry. Hinged doors, those swingers as they're called, take space from the room not just while they're in use, but no furniture or accessories can be placed there due to the swing. In this instance, consider folding interior doors to maximize space in smaller rooms.

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Folding interior doors are particularly well-suited for hallways, where hinged doors can put an abrupt stop to traffic. A bi-fold interior door is often the perfect solution in this instance, as it just slides right over and out of the way.

For areas with larger opening, a multi-fold interior door saves the day as well. Closets in particular put the multi-fold door to good use, and are perfect for smaller bedrooms where space is at a premium.

But there's a use that many people seem to forget for folding interior doors - they can make a great temporary wall, besides their uses for passageways. Consider a large finished basement where storage is still needed - multi-fold interior doors can be used to close off the storage area by simply installing a track. For quick and easy access, they can just be moved to the side.

Folding interior doors are also the perfect 'wall' for closet space in bedrooms where there is no actual closet. Simply installing a track and adding a folding door is a closet in the making.

Folding doors may be real workhorses when it comes to providing interior doors for larger openings, but they are no longer limited to the louvered folding closet doors you may be used to seeing. New styles such as glass and wood paneled folding doors can be style savers as well as space savers.

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