What Are the Benefits of a Folding Door?

December 26, 2009

What are the benefits of a folding door, or a bi-fold style door? You may recognize this door as the accordion style door that folds in a pair, opening the entire closet/pantry area. This type of door folds back in sections and has a curved track for optimal flexibility.

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You may appreciate the aesthetic sensibility this style of door has, but what are some other benefits?

  • A folding door allows you gain access to the entire width of the door area. This would of vital use if you were using a laundry closet or wardrobe room
  • A bi-fold door can be hung in a series and make an ideal room divider
  • A bi-fold door can help to increase real estate value and grab a buyer’s interest
  • Such a door provides quick and easy space division
  • If used in the same room as a divider, there are no extra slamming noises
  • Operation of the door is simple—just a pull-and-latch operation

The only drawbacks to these doors are that they are easier to damage than swinging doors (since you can’t open them in the exact same way) and that they are not ideal for privacy.

Still, there is plenty of reason to buy folding doors, especially considering the variety of designs and styles available. For instance, you could order one in mission style (with windows), louvered style (horizontal shades), or in a raised-panel style. You could also decorate folding doors in a unique French door style, and even use clear tempered glass or beveled glass. Bi-fold French doors bring a wonderfully romantic mood to any room.

These doors are beautiful, functional and very convenient for every day use.

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