Folding Doors

Unlike most conventional doors which swing open on a hinge, folding doors, as their name suggests, fold open. These are an excellent choice to use when space is limited or when the surrounding space needs to be used for something else.

Many types of folding doors, called bi-fold doors, have only two folds. Others, often called accordion doors, have multiple folds. Interior folding doors are usually bi-fold doors. Since these doors are perfect for small spaces they are often used for closets, pantries and laundries. They can also be used to create two smaller rooms out of one larger room in the home.

Folding doors are usually comprised of two narrow doors on a track, attached by a center hinge. When opened, this type of door folds at its hinges and as it slides to one side, thus using limited space. This section contains helpful suggestions regarding folding doors and interior folding doors.

Folding Door Ideas And Articles

Folding door ideas usually start with a need to save space. They are often the optimal choice in areas with very limited space. A folding door has a wide sweep but can fold away to a space as small as your foot. This makes it ideal for many interior and exterior applications. For example, a deck, a patio or a closet in a hallway can benefit by using a folding door.

Folding doors are available in a variety of materials. They can also be quite attractive and even decorative depending on the style and design you choose. These doors originated with the Japanese Shoji screen. An idea you may want to consider is using a folding or accordion door as a frame to provide structure. Then add a beautiful panel to make it aesthetically appealing.

Many folding door ideas should be considered as a potential option when you want to open up an interior space to the outdoors. This is yet one more way to enhance your home.

  • January 08, 2010

    Folding doors are interior folding doors that resemble an accordion, hence their nickname of accordion doors. These doors are also called bi-fold because of their operation. They are frequently used in pantries, closet areas, maintenance rooms, and occasiona... More >>

  • January 01, 2010

    What do you think of when you say folding interior door? Like most people, you probably envision the paint-grade folding doors of a closet. But there are new styles to this old space saving favorite and they are the big buzz of the design world. Glass Foldin... More >>

  • December 31, 2009

    Folding interior doors are the space savers of the door industry. Hinged doors, those swingers as they're called, take space from the room not just while they're in use, but no furniture or accessories can be placed there due to the swing. In this instance, ... More >>

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