The Doorway to Decorative Interior Doors

December 26, 2009

Decorative interior doors aren't just fancy upgrades to doors, they're doors that offer functional upgrades that complement and add to the décor. In essence, function becomes part of the decorative door. For example: Saloon style swinging doors are the perfect look for a kitchen that needs a little separation while accommodating high traffic and add to the look of the room.

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Decorative interior doors take on the function of announcing the style and décor of the room within. They set the tone for the room and they take that job oh-so seriously.

Consider stately hardwood interior doors with raised panels and other architectural details for a more formal look in a room such as dining rooms or living rooms. For more casual looks, try a rustic, cottage or primitive decorative interior door to subtly enhance and announce the style of the room and the home.

Choosing an unusual species of wood is a subtle approach in decorative interior doors. Rosewood, Mahogany and other tropical hardwoods are perfect for subtle upgrades. For the full Monty upgrade, full glass panels with privacy touches such as frosting or distortion make a more bold statement in interior design.

Decorative interior doors aren't just for the home though, commercial interiors can benefit as well, particularly with the glass panels to let natural light into the interior spaces of offices. In fact, borrowed light, as it's called, can also cut back on harsh interior commercial lighting.

If your door doesn't add to the style of the room and fades into the woodwork, consider a decorative interior door to upgrade your home or office décor.

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