Does Your Door Fade into the Woodwork?

January 06, 2010

Are your doors ho-hum or do they add a decorative element to your home's interior? Decorative interior doors are just the solution to add a distinctive style to your home. Decorative doors are passageways in the home that don't just function as passageways, but they add to the style of your home or make their own style statements.

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Decorative doors include trendy French double doors, doors with frosted glass panels and doors with detailed architectural elements that are usually found in distinctive homes. If you need a touch of distinction in your home, there are decorative doors that can fit right into your budget, not to mention your home's style.

Upgrades to consider are:

  • Architectural details such as raised panels or beaded edges;
  • Glass inserts or panels that make the most of natural lighting throughout the home;
  • Decorative hardware;
  • Door styles that mimic the architectural style of your home such as Victorian, Craftsman or contemporary; and
  • Doors that 'announce' the room in which they're used.

Decorative interior doors are upgrading to some unique uses besides purely decorative. Interior doors with chalkboard panels are perfect for the pantry, a child's room or even a home office.

Etched frosted glass inserts with either designs or words have been gaining popularity in home design as well. French doors in the kitchen or sunrooms have become nearly necessary to upgrade homes, while rustic and primitive styled doors tend to be favored for more casual styles. Decorative interior doors can take on any look.

While doors have been purely functional in many homes, decorative interior doors add distinction to homes that are looking for upgraded style.

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