Decorative Doors for Special Places Inside your Home

December 23, 2009

If your interior door doesn't add to your home's style, then Houston, we have a problem. Decorative interior doors make specialized rooms in the home even more special. Some of the rooms in homes that demand a decorative interior door are:

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Media Rooms

Decorative interior doors for media rooms can include movie themed details such as a frosted panel with an etched director's chair. While these decorative doors announce the room within, they also have specialized function, as they have details that are advantageous to media rooms such as padding on inside to help absorb sound and keep it from bouncing and echoing throughout the room.


We love the latest and greatest decorative interior doors for pantries - doors with chalkboard inserts for making notes, writing groceries lists and just plain old doodling. The panel can be used on either side of the door and the decorative and functional elements work together just perfectly for this use.

Laundry Rooms

Many laundry rooms are unheated and require insulated interior doors, but insulated doesn't need to substitute for decorative. Glass panels with insulating capabilities can keep the space open and airy, and better yet, warm in winter and cool in the summer.

While glass panels are a favorite for decorative interior doors, there is an issue of privacy. But door manufacturers are offering more in the way of options for privacy than your typical frosted glass. Glue chip and reed glass are just two of the more than forty styles that have been introduced recently to add aesthetics to privacy.

Consider adding a decorative interior door to your special room in the house to make sure no style is sacrificed in the process.

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