Custom Door Solutions for the Builder's Grade Syndrome

January 04, 2010

Does it seem like everywhere you turn, every home you visit, you're seeing the same interior doors in every home? It's called a builder's grade door and a custom interior door is just the solution for the builder's grade syndrome.

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You see, builders obviously want to cut costs wherever they can. They often use the less expensive materials in the interior of newly constructed homes. There's a whole line of products just for the construction trade called builder's grade. You've probably noticed them used for bathroom vanities, faucets, cabinets and yes, Virginia, even interior doors.

Try a custom interior door to get rid of this plaguing problem. No longer will you have to worry about finding your interior door in every home on the block. You can design a custom interior door to match every nuance of your interior design. It makes quite the style statement.

A custom interior door doesn't necessarily have a customized price tag. Door manufacturers are stepping up to the plate to offer custom style along with affordability to many homeowners suffering from the builder's grade issue.

A custom interior door can be designed to meet all levels of customization, from custom updates to custom materials to just a custom size. But on the other hand, there are also custom interior doors that are one of a kind works of art that are used to take distinctive styles to a new level.

It's nice to know you're not alone, there are others who could use a custom interior door to help with their builder's grade problem, and it's nice to know that their door solution won't be the same as yours!

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