Does Custom Mean Cost for Interior Doors?

January 03, 2010

If you need just the perfect interior door for your home, one that is just perfect for your home and only your home - consider a custom interior door. While a custom interior door may have meant a custom sized cost up until a few years ago, new manufacturing techniques and technology make custom doors an affordable option for many homeowners.

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A custom interior door doesn't have to mean a one of a kind work of art - although that is certainly an option - it can be as simple as a door that doesn't come in the size, shape, or material you need, or a door that doesn't offer the upgrades you're looking for. Some of the custom interior door solutions that we've seen put to good use include:

  • A hinged closet door with a mirrored panel on BOTH sides of the door - doesn't that make perfect sense!
  • A hardwood door of a specific type of Mahogany wood that was used throughout an older, Victorian home;
  • A rustic interior door with a certain style of wrought iron hardware to match older doors in a home;
  • A specific sized double French door with five lites (the term for panes of glass).

If you can dream it, chances are a door manufacturer can make it. In fact, many door manufacturers who offer custom interior doors have a design consultant on staff to help you with your dream door.

If you know what you're looking for in an interior door, but just can't find it anywhere, consider a custom interior door to give you just the style you need in your home.

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