Custom Interior Doors

To create a look within your home which is uniquely yours, you may want to install custom interior doors. These can be designed to fit your personality and preferences. When it comes to custom interior doors there are four things you want to consider: these are size of the door, the type of material for the door and any accents or special designs you want on the door.

Each of these will vary depending on such factors as which room the door will be used for, how much traffic the doorway will get, and how visible this door will be to everyone who lives in and also visits your home. For example, you may want to have a more elaborate and beautiful door for a primary doorway near or off your living area than for an upstairs hall closet which is used much less often.

This section contains many helpful ideas for custom interior doors.

Custom Door Ideas And Articles

If you want to give your home a particularly unique and beautiful look, give special consideration to selecting beautiful hardwood when it comes to your custom interior door ideas. Two of the most popular wood species for interior doors are cherry and mahogany. Not only are these both stunning woods, they provide a warm and elegant ambience to any home.

The grain of Mahogany can vary from curly to straight, and its texture is typically fine to medium. As this beautiful wood ages it develops a very rich, dark red hue or a gorgeous brownish red color. The highest quality furniture is often made from Mahogany due to its luxurious qualities.

Cherry is also a premium hardwood which is perfect for many custom interior door ideas. Like Mahogany, cherry becomes darker as it ages and also has rich reddish brown color. Its texture is very smooth. Cherry interior doors will add distinction and class to any home décor.

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