Cool Tips for Contemporary Style Interior Doors

January 01, 2010

Contemporary interior doors can be just the ticket to a mini-makeover for a room. Contemporary doors can also be just what the decorator ordered to add an updated look to an outdated style. But if you're not familiar with contemporary style, choosing contemporary doors can present quite a challenge.

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Contemporary interior doors are known for their clean, straight lines, their lack of embellishment and their sleek sophistication. Try these tips to get the most out of a contemporary door:

To add an updated look to the room, go for the subtle approach in choosing a contemporary door. Look for a maple or light wood door that boasts a sleek handle to add an air of sophistication rather than to make a major style statement.

For a bold statement to an eclectic room, choose a contemporary door in a hot accent color for your room. While contemporary style usually uses neutral colors, there can be a bold accent color such as electric blue, just make sure not to over use it. An accent color should not take up any more than 10% of the room's décor.

To make the most of a home that boasts excellent natural lighting, consider a contemporary interior door that uses as much as glass as possible. The term borrowed lighting means using natural lighting from one room to add light to interior rooms, and glass is perfect for doing this.

For large, expansive spaces, consider a glossy, black contemporary door. Every room can use a touch of black to help ground the décor of the room - it's an old trick in interior design.

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