Contemporary Interior Doors make a Style Statement

December 31, 2009

What are you looking for in a contemporary interior door? Are you looking for a subtle transition in your contemporary home or are you looking to make a bold statement with a contemporary door? Contemporary style can take on either function in high style.

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Contemporary interior doors run the style gamut from sleek, industrial, deco styled metal and glass works of art to a more subtle warm maple door with clean lines. The hardware on contemporary doors takes a major role in setting the tone, as form and function call for sleek and clean handles with straight lines and no fuss.

But even without elaborate embellishments, the contemporary interior door is by no means a shrinking violet. Like contemporary furnishings and accessories, the style is found within the form and subtle touches of each piece. In other words, it makes a statement, a bold statement, by using less.

While contemporary style can be considered cold and impersonal, that's not the case. It's more about sophistication and subtlety than other styles, and in many cases, less is more. The same can be said for contemporary interior doors, as often the beauty is going to be found in the simplicity and lack of overt ornamentation.

Obviously, the material of the door plays a major role in setting the style. Lighter toned woods are normally favored in contemporary doors. Painted contemporary doors are normally neutral colors and black gloss can make a bold statement. Metal and glass are favored material in contemporary design, and textures play up subtle nuances of each part of the décor.

Choose a contemporary interior door that best suits your style statement, from subtle sophistication to bold, stark designs.

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