Important Safety Ratings for Interior Commercial Doors

December 28, 2009

Commercial interior doors aren't just a pretty face in the crowd in commercial interior design. They actually have more of a role in the safety and security of the commercial environment than a residential door has in the home.

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Typically, interior doors have just two purposes - privacy and a small measure of security. Commercial interior doors, however, are actual workhorses since they have a job to do in commercial settings.

Commercial interior doors need to help stop the spread of fire in large commercial spaces. Therefore, they should be fire rated. The fire ratings are given in minutes and typically run from 20 minute ratings up to a full 90 minute ratings. The minutes are indicative of how long that particular model of commercial interior door was able to withstand the fire testing of a particular country. There are different standards in fire tests throughout the world as needs vary from country to country.

Different commercial settings vary in the ratings required in commercial interior doors. For example, a large high rise or school setting may require 90 minute fire rated commercial interior doors for maximum safety. A smaller, one-story retail location may require only a 20-minute fire rated interior door.

Local building codes and regulations differ as to the type of commercial interior door required in each location. If you're considering an upgrade in the commercial door of your business, contact your local planning or zoning office to determine the current requirements for commercial interior doors for your business, as regulations have become more stringent as technology and safety have improved through the years.

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