Looks Count Commercially with Doors

December 30, 2009

Commercial interior doors have a high standard in durability, functionality and safety requirements. But where do looks come into play with commercial interior doors?

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It depends....for retail locations, commercial doorways need to slip seamlessly into the setting, so looks really count in this instance. In larger, industrial settings, safety and function play a larger role in the commercial interior door. So can aesthetics factor into the mix?

Perhaps all commercial doors should take aesthetics into account, as even the most industrial interior door can have use some appeal. In fact, commercial door manufacturers are looking more at introducing functional aesthetics into commercial doorways. Modern and contemporary commercial grade doors are normally the most popular choice when aesthetics and function combine.

Glass panels are taking a larger role in commercial doors, but it's not just to increase visibility and to look nice. Glass panels allow more light to interiors through what is called in the trade 'borrowed light'. This concept refers to using light from one room, such as a corridor with high natural lighting conditions, to add light to another interior room, such as an office. Obviously, glass inserts and panels are key in the borrowed light concept.

With today's energy consciousness, energy efficiency is becoming an important issue in commercial doors. Insulating properties play an large role to keep heating and air conditioning in the rooms in which they belong.

While safety plays a big role in commercial interior door choices, not only for the public, but for employees, take function into account - and let aesthetics play a part in your choice as well.

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