The Business of Commercial Interior Doors

December 29, 2009

Commercial interior doors are the workhorses of the door trade. Commercial doors need to withstand constant use and more than their fair share of wear and tear. Not to mention that they have particular safety issues that should be taken into account.

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There are some factors to consider that you normally don't think of with interior doors, and here are some tips to make choosing commercial interior doors simple business:

Closing Mechanisms

Consider the amount of foot traffic for each commercial interior door. For low traffic locations such as an office setting, a standard hinged door can be just fine. For high traffic commercial and retail settings, doors that close automatically with springs or even automatic sliding doors may be an alternative solution.


Wood commercial interior doors are fine in some settings, but for larger locations and heavy duty use, steel is often the material of choice, particularly in multi-level commercial buildings with stairwells.


In many cases, it's necessary to see if someone's on the other side of the door, particular with swinging doors. A glass insert can help increase visibility and thus safety for commercial interior doors.


And speaking of safety, fire ratings come into play when choosing commercial interior doors, so check with planning and zoning offices in your area, as requirements vary from location to location.


Obviously, the commercial door needs to be much more durable and able to withstand more abuse than a residential door. Invest in a quality commercial interior door to get the best value for a longer lifetime.

Commercial doors certainly have a host of functional requirements, but last but not least, let aesthetics and looks play a role in your choice of commercial interior doors.

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