Hinged Closet Doors are Making a Comeback

December 26, 2009

As master bedrooms grow into multi-purpose suites that accommodate busy lifestyles, hinged closet interior doors have been making a grand appearance in today's modern construction. Hinged closet doors were not always popular in older home construction, as their swinging action tended to take up a large portion of the smaller room.

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But with larger rooms in the modern home, enter the hinged closet interior door. Why can they be the preferable choice for homeowners? Hinged closet doors offer maximum viewing and access to the closet door. Sliding closet doors tend to offer a narrower access to the closet, as they typically slide into each other, thus cutting off access space, as well as viewing.

Hinged closet doors can also be used without installing a track, which is necessary to operate bifold and sliding closet doors. They simply operate as normal doors would, with hinges and normal door hardware. In fact typically hinged closet interior doors open all the way back to the wall to allow maximum space, but there will be clearance space necessary for the outswing.

Hinged closet doors tend to be the door of choice for walk in closets and larger closet spaces. Louvered hinged doors could be considered to not only add some architectural detail to the door, but the louvers also allow air flow and light into the closet when the doors are shut. This helps keep moths and mustiness from camping out in the closet.

If you have the space, in both the bedroom and the closet itself, consider a hinged closet interior door to allow maximum access to the coveted closet space, particularly for walk in closets.

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