Sliding Closet Doors Enhance Decor and Home Storage

July 27, 2010

You're planning upgrades for your home, and those mirrored sliding closet doors in your master suite have got to go. Replacing outdated and inefficient sliding closet doors can add to your home decor while providing better access to your closets.

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Sliding Closet Doors: Bi-fold Doors Add Access

Opening traditional sliding closet doors demonstrates their major drawback; you can see one half of your closet and its contents, while the other half remains in the dark. Replacing fixed panel closet doors with bi-fold sliding doors that open from the center of your closet allows access to your entire closet. Bi-fold doors are available in flat panel and louvered styles that can compliment plantation shutters while presenting a uniform appearance for interior windows and doors.

You can also find sliding closet doors featuring frosted plastic or glass panels; these are useful for casual or Asian themed decor. If you prefer a sleek contemporary style, select bi-fold sliding closet doors with singular flat panels. Shopping online for closet doors can help you find what you need, and can also provide ideas you may not have considered. Visiting window and door showrooms is helpful for comparison and "hands on" evaluation of sliding closet doors.

Sliding Closet Doors Useful in Workshop, Family Room, and More

Don't limit your plans for new sliding closet doors to your bedrooms. They can conceal electronic equipment, craft and hobby supplies, and are useful for linen closets and pantries. The functionality of sliding closet doors is only limited by your uses for them.

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