Closet Doors - What are my choices?

December 23, 2009

Closet interior doors have swung into high style in today's modern homes. With closet space playing a major role in a home's value, closet interior doors have stepped up their style - not to mention their alternatives.

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Bypass Closet Interior Doors

Bypass doors for the closet are sliding doors that slide into one another and offer a good solution when space is at a premium. They don't require any excess space for swinging action nor do they require space on either side to slide. But they do limit access to one side at a time.

Mirrored Closet Interior Doors

Mirrors are one of the best tricks of the interior design trade. They open up smaller rooms and can make the space seem lighter and brighter. Using mirrored closet interior doors is the perfect solution for closets in smaller, dark rooms that need a pick-me-up.

Bifold Closet Interior Doors

For those looking for double access to both sides of a closet at once, bifold doors can fold out and into the side portion. This allows for maximum viewing of the interior. Bifold doors are usually the doors of choice in medium sized rooms that can allow for the small outswing of the fold of the door and offer a larger opening.

Louvered Closet Interior Doors

For those homeowners who are looking for more architectural detail in their closet interior door, louvered closet doors are a great choice. The louvers also allow air flow into the closet, as well as light, to keep the interior of the closet fresh. Many of the louvered closet interior doors are of wood construction to add the warmth and appeal that wood can bring to the room.

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