Closet Doors - A Blank Canvas

December 27, 2009

Closet space is a major selling point for most homes, and with larger closet spaces comes larger closet interior doors. You can use the closet door as a valuable working or decorating surface instead of plain Jane door if you're looking to spruce up your room's interior.

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The interior closet door can be the perfect backdrop to introduce an accent color to the room, or even wallpapered to become a focal point. Using vintage hardware or unusual details on the door can also bring a new look to that old friend.

One of our favorite looks for closet interior doors has been chalkboard paint. Not just for children's rooms, but for closet pantry doors and even closet doors in a home office. Make that surface of the door work for its space and put it to good use.

If you're struggling with a closet in a small space, consider adding a snazzy upgrade to the closet interior door. Mirrors can open up small rooms and bring light and largess to the room. Glass panels with frosted or etched designs can add a smooth, contemporary element to the mix.

For a budget makeover to a dull closet door, we've used a curtain rod and a pretty fabric curtain made of leftover fabric to dress up the design. Another great budget upgrade is the use of a painted stencil design or even the popular wall decals for a more temporary upgrade for renters.

Don't settle for a closet interior door that fades into the woodwork. Give it a mini makeover to bring out the best in that blank closet door canvas.

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