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Closet doors are probably one of the most frequently used doors in any home. They are essential in almost every room in the house - and usually not only once. Some rooms have multiple closets serving different purposes. In the kitchen they contain your food and cookware. In your bedroom they hold your clothes and other valuables. A closet in your entryway holds coats, shoes, and other outdoor wear. A bathroom closet holds linens and toiletries. The perfect closet door is the opening for each of these.

Closet doors may be made of wood or glass, or a combination of both, depending on whether the contents of the closet are to be seen or hidden. They may be hinged or sliding. In the bedroom they may have a mirror inserted. A closet used to protect and showcase certain objects may have decorative glass in the door for a sophisticated and beautiful look.

This section has many more ideas for your closet doors.

Closet Door Ideas And Articles

Closet doors serve many functions throughout your home, so you may want to consider many different closet door ideas. If you have a unique space under the stairs, you might use a closet door to create a nice storage space with good airflow. Bi-fold closet doors are perfect to divide a larger space.

A mirrored sliding closet door is perfect in a bedroom. The sliding door saves space, and the mirror gives you a full-length mirror which comes in handy when you are getting dressed.

When considering closet door ideas keep in mind that if you want access to the entire closet all at once, a hinged closet door may be a better choice. However, it will require additional available floor space which sliding doors do not. A hinged closet door does have the advantage of adding hooks or racks onto the inside of the door, which can save floor space within the closet.

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