What Types of Interior Doors Can I Choose?

December 29, 2009

Interior doors are doors meant to be kept inside, away from the hardships of weather, heat, sunrays and cold temperatures. Interior doors include bathroom doors, closet doors, bedroom doors and door to maintenance rooms. The backdoor is usually known as an exterior door.

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Standard Interior Wood Doors: These are one-piece, flush doors that fit an opening and are mounted on hinges. These are the most common types of doors and are interior doors that are flat on both sides and swing open. Some standard doors may be made of solid wood, but just as many are hollow inside and have wood on the service. Such a door may be stained, primed or painted.

Six Panel Doors: These doors swing open just like standard doors, but have recessed panels for the sake of design. These are usually reserved for entry doors or backdoors, but may cover a bedroom or bathroom entrance.

Interior Sliding Doors: Interior sliding doors are doors that open horizontally by way of sliding. These are mounted on a track, and are most commonly used for showers, glass doors and wardrobe doors. They also include subcategories of pocket doors (doors that slide into a hidden compartment thus saving space) and arcadia doors (doors that are mounted adjacent to another fixed glass).

Bi-Fold Doors: These interior doors, also called accordion doors, are two doors hinged together that fold into one another. These doors are mounted on a track that hangs from the head, or top, of the opening. These doors are popular because they are not as intrusive as swinging doors.

The type of door you choose will depend on your budget and the overall ambiance of the house.

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