Finding the Best Internal Door

December 28, 2009

Internal doors, or interior doors, are doors found on the inside of your house. Right away you will notice that these doors (in most homes) tend to be more simplistically designed than exterior doors. The traditional internal door is a flush, swinging door, generally the same color as the wall. However, there may come a time when you want to replace those old flat interiors with something new and exciting. Consider a few options:

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Internal Sliding Doors: Instead of using the same swinging door, you could opt for a sliding door for a bedroom, bathroom or shower. Sliding doors are ideal for aesthetic beauty as well as practicality, as they are easier for disabled individuals to use. Internal sliding doors can be arcadia style (two panels adjacent to one another) or pocket-style, (with a hidden compartment that saves space).

Folding Doors: These doors are called accordion or bi-fold doors. They have several sections which fold in pairs. They are common for closets, given their ease of use, though in recent times they have grown in popularity as bedroom doors.

Other types of doors include mirrored doors, insulated doors, storm-proof doors, French doors and internal glass doors. There are also pre-hung doors, which are door systems that include a frame, slab and hinges. These doors are already hanging in a frame, meaning it’s a self contained unit.

In addition to door design variety, you can also enjoy a variety of colors, stains, paint and lacquer finishes. Remember that an internal door might not be 100% made of the surface material; hence internal wooden doors might actually have a core of foam, a core of steel, or even complete hollowness.

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