Investing in Antique Doors for your Home's Interior

January 05, 2010

Antique interior doors have long been the choice of homeowners with what are termed 'period' homes. Period homes are those which were built in the period of their particular style, such as a Victorian home built in the late 19th Century or an Arts and Crafts bungalow built in the early 20th Century. But homeowners with more modern abodes are finding antique interior doors to be quite an investment in their interior décor and in their home.

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Antique interior doors not only offer high style, incredible architectural detail and fine workmanship, but an antique by its very nature holds a value. This value is called an intrinsic value, and why this is important to a buyer is that it means the value is not just in the pretty looks of the door. Intrinsic value is an inherent or fundamental value of the door. The value is in the fact that a true antique interior door will gain in value over time, while a modern plain-Jane door will normally lose value as it ages. It's a difficult concept to understand, in fact, many antique dealers take years to get this basic concept.

But intrinsic value is important if you plan in investing in an antique interior door. What does it mean to your purchase? It means you should purchase quality, purchase smart and purchase from a reputable dealer if you're in the market for an antique interior door.

For those just shopping for a high style interior door for their home, and aren't making an investment, a reproduction antique interior door may be just what the decorator ordered for your needs.

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